*“Homemade masks limit the spread of infectious droplets in the air by containing coughs and sneezes. When a homemade mask can’t be acquired, a scarf or bandana can be utilized. By implementing community use of this homemade fabric or cloth masks, everyone will have a higher degree of protection from this virus,” read a statement from the Department of Health

How effective are they?

*According to the guidance from the Department of Health, homemade fabric masks are not considered personal protective equipment (PPE).

“However, homemade masks can be an effective complement to handwashing, social-distancing and other mitigation measures.” 

* And, in addition to not filtering particles as well as official gear, masks may carry additional risk, especially if we’re reusing them. A 2015 study published in the medical journal BMJ Open also cautions against the use of cloth masks, noting that “moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks, and poor filtration may result in an increased risk of infection.”

Should I wash my mask?

1. *Gov. Wolf recommends that homemade masks “should be washed after each use,” and “should not be worn damp or when wet from spit or mucus.” 

- You should NOT wear mask when MOIST & WET, it takes about 2-3 hours proximately for each mask to get moisture.

- We recommend to have 2 masks per person 

- Mask use is good for going out to grocery stores, eliminating seasonable pollen, cleaning product fumes, dust and hair or any other allergens that my be effecting breathing.   

“The best way to wash homemade masks is using hot water and regular detergent,” the Pennsylvania Department of Health press secretary Nate Wardle said. “The masks should then be dried completely on the hot setting as well. Using high temperatures will help kill any germs or bacteria.” 

2. Or other option is to wash your cotton mask with soap or detergent, then boil for 5min. under the lid, keep masks in the water covered until cool and then let it dry.

 MONIKOVA'S Cotton mask will shrink a bit (Monika's own masks experience)but will be perfectly fitted and ready to use again  

Are homemade masks effective for health-care workers?

*While fabric masks aren’t as effective as an N95 mask or disposable surgical masks, Levine said in a news conference that they may be “better than nothing.”

But she did say that they’re not suitable for all health-care workers. “For personnel that are directly caring for patients with COVID-19, those are not the right masks to use,” Levine said. 

If you’re in an elevator and someone coughs into your face, would you want something over their face, and would you want something over your face as well? *

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