Posted on February 26 2018


by Kayla Morin

Have you heard of Fashion Art Toronto? One of the biggest fashion events of the year in Canada? We believe it is where the boundaries of experimental art and wearable fashion collide in very exciting ways.  

At FAT, clothing designers are encouraged to take their fashion brand to the limit, and create and display a collection in an experimental and artistic way. The event brings together designers, models, photographers, performance artists, visual installation artists and so much more. 

MONIKOVA was at FAT in 2011 and 2012. We loved it, and...... We are thrilled to announce we have a very special collection coming your way this spring!

MONIKOVA has always been about blending. From the first show in 2011 you can see that we are about offering a feminine style that is dynamic and multifaceted. We want to say, you can be pretty and professional at the same time. You can be soft and bold. Sexy comes in many sizes. Let us celebrate the complexity of what is a woman! Thats MONIKOVA. 

You can check out the runway shows from 2011 and 2012 here:

CHECK OUT FAT 2012 – Streets to Runway Collection

CHECK OUT FAT 2011 – Gender Blend Runway Collection

 "The 2011 was a kind of first public introduction to MONIKOVA. So it meant birth! Birth of the brand publicly. It was a great spark of creativity and inspiration leading into a period of time where we perfected the wearable line prototypes."

            – Monika Francikova

 Since the first FAT shows, we've been busy developing our womens wear lines here in our base in Toronto, doing pop-ups, retail, and One of a Kind Show & Sale; now we are 100 per cent satisfied with the quality and the fit of our wearable lines.  That is why we are jumping again into the more creative side with FAT 2018! Basically this is going to be our third runway introduction, showing the growth of the brand and delving again into a more edgy, experimental artistic zone.  

 Learn more about Fashion Art Toronto on their website.

The April 2018 edition of Fashion Art Toronto titled "CONNECT", looks at the modern social environment and explores communication, connecting and relationships in the face of technology and global exchange. Throughout 5 nights of programming, the festival will explore how we create links, webs and bonds through fashion and with one another.

More on our plans for the FAT runway show and exclusive MONIKOVA collection coming soon! Look out for a mix of ready made and couture pieces... we can't wait!!



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