Face-Cover Motorcycle Bandana with ear loops

$26.50 $20.00

HERE it is, our interpretation of a NEW face cover for  COVID-19 in year of 2020. This bandana is classic size 20" x 20" , that is made out of 100% Cotton. Monika selects special prints, for both men and women, basically we are creating unisex accessory that is great for EVERY-ONE! 

And you are welcome this piece has ear-loops that can be anchored comfortably over the ears and scarf is tied behind the head, just like your ordinary bandana BUT with the security to not slide down when wearing over the face. You be happy to wear it especially this summer as the heat will kick in. 



Triangle cut scarf with centered flexible loops
Rivets are placed for durable finish to support loops 
One Sided Canadian Motorcycle Print 
True Dimensions: 20"x 20"
Hand sewn finished edge - 100% delicate results
100% Cotton
Machine wash cold delicate 
Steam low temperature is preferred 
Exclusive On-line 
Made in Canada with love  
We thank you for your supporting our business 


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