As you know, at MONIKOVA we believe in designing clothing for every woman and every body. You have supported us as we continue to grow and refine our clothing lines of graceful, versatile women’s wear, and for that we are grateful. Thank you so much!
 As someone who has their own sense of style, and chooses MONIKOVA to be a part of that, we would like to invite you to showcase yourself as a MONIKOVA WOMAN! 
  • We want to celebrate you.
  • We want to showcase what you are passionate about and your sense of style.
  • We believe how you express yourself in everyday life could actually be very inspirational to other women out there!
  •  We want to connect you with other like-minded, successful women who love MONIKOVA through this project.
Take a look at our  MONIKOVA WOMEN of 2018 ..... view HERE  
 Doesn’t this sound great! It’s a wonderful opportunity. 
 Now, we need to know, would you be willing to do a brief interview and have your "MONIKOVA WOMEN" story featured on our website and our social channels?
We are working with a professional and devoted freelance journalist who will give you a call for a lovely 20 minute chat at your convenience and can also create the best and most inspiring images that are perfect fit for you ONLY, and with your consent of course. 
Just a few questions about who you are, what you love about fashion & style and why you shop MONIKOVA.
Please let me know when you are available!
 I’m counting on you, and so excited to see how this turns out. 


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Inspired by the famous blogs Humans of New York and Advanced Style,
MONIKOVA WOMEN is about women just like you sharing their stories and personal sense of style.
We use our platform to promote you and what inspires you about fashion.

 We’re really excited to announce our first MONIKOVA women....... 


"I just love seeing Monika, I love her really giving personality, obvious love of fashion and willingness to go that extra mile so her customers are satisfied. It’s my birthday gift to myself every year."


"I've always just loved fashion and hair and stuff, I like being different, and I feel like Moni "Monika" really connects with that and really gets me...."

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