Introducing MONIKOVA WOMEN, a showcase of women who love the Monikova brand, and represent strong, fashionable, femininity out in the world.

We’re really excited to announce our first MONIKOVA woman.......

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"I've always just loved fashion and hair and stuff, I like being different, and I feel like Moni "Monika" really connects with that and really gets me."

"I met Monika about 11 years ago now, and she would just be making stuff in her basement and I would be like 'oh my gosh!', I just love all her designs."

"I wear them on the regular, every day pretty much, and I'm always getting comments, so many of my clients in Fergus see what I wear and love it and want it."

"I love the feel, and the flow. Everything actually fits to the size, and so comfortable. Her pieces are just so versatile! Like you can tuck them into your pants, or wear it with a belt or something. I find it so easy to dress up or dress down, like the shirt dress she made me with leather pockets, I love that. Or when I finish work I can throw on my flamingo blouse and every one is like, 'Oh that's so cute!!'"

"I've had a love for fashion since I was little. Since I was growing up my Nana and Nannie [Carrie’s grandmothers] always had their hair done and their nails done, they were always dressed fancy, to the nines. They taught me how to shop at the little local boutiques and find special things."

"Right before she passed away my Nana was commenting on my grey sweater, saying, 'I love that, you know I want that.' That was always how it was, they were really knowledgeable, you know?"

"My Nannie was always into her jewels and stuff, so I wear a lot of brooches; I got that from her."

"One time I remember going into my Nana's closet and I found this Chanel tweed jacket and she was like, 'You know Carrie if you ever want this...!' and I was like, 'Do I!!' Imagine! My love for fashion and hair really comes from their influence."

Carrie Anne Kierstead is a hairstylist and founder of Hair with Care, a more personable, relaxed kind of hair salon operating out of her home in Fergus, ON. "People have dance parties, it's just a fun time."

Reach Carrie @hair_with_carrie on Instagram,  Facebook page or on her cell at 519.831.5579 


Inspired by the famous blogs Humans of New York and Advanced Style,
MONIKOVA WOMEN is about women just like you sharing their stories and personal sense of style.
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