NEW - Package of 2 Get One Free - Black LIGHT Cotton Mask

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  NEW - These masks are constructed out of two layers, outer layer made of 100% cotton, inner layer is 100% unbleached Cotton lining, finished with adjustable cotton strings. Thick material weave is more protective from getting air particles in. Tightly woven Cotton is best choice for high heat resistant material, which will play important rule for sterilizing your mask after each use.

We are making sizes from S- children, M- women, L- men  


Wear mask until moist, approximately 2-3 hour only 

Need to know - how - to -  wash your mask and logistics

Taking care for your masks needs to be practiced with proper hygiene practice as washing hands before taking it off your face, discard mask ready for wash in hot water. 

- For best results and proper sterilizing that came from my family in Czech Republic is to boil masks for 5 min. under the lid, let it cool in the water, then allow to dry and iron 

MONIKOVA'S cotton mask will shrink a bit ( Monika's own mask experience, when boiling) The mask will fit even better after proper wash.

Should I wash my mask?

*Gov. Wolf recommends that homemade masks “should be washed after each use,” and “should not be worn damp or when wet from spit or mucus.” 

“The best way to wash homemade masks is using hot water and regular detergent,” the Pennsylvania Department of Health press secretary Nate Wardle said. “The masks should then be dried completely on the hot setting as well. Using high temperatures will help kill any germs or bacteria.” 

Are homemade masks effective for health-care workers?

*While fabric masks aren’t as effective as an N95 mask or disposable surgical masks, Levine said in a news conference that they may be “better than nothing.”

They’re not suitable for all health-care workers. “For personnel that are directly caring for patients with COVID-19, those are not the right masks to use,” Levine said. 

"If you’re in an elevator and someone coughs into your face, would you want something over their face, and would you want something over your face as well? "  *

* Sunday, April 05, 2020  -

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