Classic Pleated Face Mask

Our new re-usable masks are constructed out of one layer of breathable stretch Twill Satin cotton blend fabric. This new style of face masks contains three pleats that stretch over the nose and chin. For greater comfort and fit we use stretch bias as ties, that are pulled through casings, making it easily adjustable for your face and wearable in different ways. The ties can be tied together around the head, or knotted into small loops to hook over the ears. They stretch like elastic but feel comfortable around the ears. Ties are made longer, as seen in photo, in which you can cut off any excess.
                 These mask are available in sizes: S- children, M- Adults 
        Wear mask until moist, approximately 2-3 hours only  
Comfortable, Relaxed Fit
Single Layer- Solid Black Twill Satin Cotton
98% Cotton, 2% Spandex
Two Stretch Bias Ties approx. 32" long
Easy Care: Machine Wash Hot (60C - 140F) with same colors, Iron high heat, Air dry
Made in Canada with love
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