The Style of Tunics for Men

Posted on October 11 2017

Menswear in the past focused on clothing above the waist and now that is all changing as men begin to focus on the garments below the waist.

This season mens- and womenswear have crossed over each other to create more gender fluid clothing. Men have become bored of their plain trouser look and have begun to take inspiration from womenswear, particularly in their silhouettes. They want less structure, more options and the ability to experiment with cuts they have never worn before.

Tunics and skirts are in or shall we say wearing tunics as a skirt is in. Light, breezy fabrics with lots of movement are a major trend hitting the runway as men want to feel free and what a better way than to wear a tunic that frees the arms and the legs from a structured suit. Fabrics such as seersuckers and silk are joined with technical and athletic mesh for more breath-ability and warmth to the garments. Some celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith have foreshadowed this trend when they began wearing oversized shirts as more of a dress/tunic style.

It is all about a relaxed, oversized fit from head to toe. Like feminine silhouettes, men want to show off their legs and draw attention and excitement to their lower half. Alexander McQueen and Balmain are just a few designers who have already jump on this trend.

Bring on that oversized fit!

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